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Offered Services

A law firm with the right tools to achieve exceptional results.


Modalities of collaboration:

Depending on the nature, the complexity and the frequency of the problems for which you require our assistance and representation, we can collaborate:

  • individually on each issue
  • fixed-term contract

Excelling in results over the years, Law Office Doinita Stingaciu offers a wide range of services to clients, providing them both pleadings in the courts of any degree, civil, commercial, administrative, criminal as well as amicable settlement, regardless of the complexity of a case.

The Office is specialized in defenses regarding cases of: malpractice, road traffic crimes, respectively obtaining fair and equitable compensation to the injured party, economic crimes and we also provide legal assistance in front of all the competent bodies with prosecution or criminal investigation, DNA, Parquet, Police.

We can also, direct you to our partners: public notaries, experts or/and authorized translators.

Accidents, Insurance, Damage Recoveries

Assistance, consultancy and legal representation provided by us in case of accidents it's a service designed to those who were directly or indirectly involved in a car accident or other kind of accident, whereby have resulted bodily injuries, death or material damages.

If you intend to obtain a right compensation for the damage that you have suffered or if you covered yourself the damage caused by others and now you want to recover your investment, our law office is at your service to offer assistance / legal representation to help you recover the damages from car accidents.

If the attempt to amiably resolve the issue fails for one reason or another, things do not stop here. You must note that lawyer specialized in insurance law is the most appropriate help in the necessary steps to recover the compensation due by judicial way.

Conciliations, mediations, transactions

In order to protect and improve your rights and interests, our law office is at your service for any type of negotiations resulting from RCA and CASCO insurance policies, insurance contracts (including professional insurance contracts), malpractice cases (professional misconduct or work negligence ) through our services.

Drafting, checking, negotiations

Because reading and understanding the meaning of contract terms or the unjustified changing of these represent a burden to the majority of beneficiaries of an insurance contract, we offer through this service the posibility of being sure that the risk you want to cover it will be really covered by contractual clauses thus preventing possible future troubles.


  • the opportunity to promote or not an action.
  • the opportunity to sign a contract or not.
  • the opportunity to constitute or not a commercial company, a foundation, an association.
  • the opportunity to initiate or not the authorization procedure.
  • we can draw up or help you to draw up numerous acts - written conclusions on pending cases (regardless of court) proceedings, application to different authorities, civil and commercial contracts , articles of incorporation of companies, of foundations or of associations.
  • we can intercede as mediators In order to conciliate in front of third parties

Representation and legal assistance

  • in the relations with or in front of natural persons and legal persons, courts, organs of criminal prosecution, authorities with jurisdictional attributions, public notaries judicial executor, public administration organs.
  • representation and legal assistance to all courts (including the High Court of Cassation and Justice).
  • legal assistance in resolving litigations by amicably negotiation.
  • solving causes with extraneity element (events occurring outside the country or involving foreigners).

Civil Law and Civil Procedure

  • levy of execution, evacuations, appeals against levy of execution
  • intermediation in selling, purchasing and renting of real estate (real estate investment)
  • tort and contract
  • recovery of debts
  • precautionary measures
  • recognition of foreign judgments in Romania (Exequatur)

Commercial Law

  • commercial contracts - consultancy, negotiations, redaction, additions, changes, cessation;
  • commercial litigation - legal assistance and representation both in the negotiation and litigation phase before the court;
  • debt recovery - by means of direct conciliation or court;
  • Commercial Arbitration;
  • financial - banking field - consultancy, assistance and representation in matters of contracts concluded with banks or by them with private customers or legal entities;
  • crimes provided by the the commercial laws;
  • assistance and / or representation in the forced execution procedure;
  • drawing up of notifications, summons, addresses;
  • legal representation in courts in commercial litigations between associates shareholders, creditors and the society, leasing contracts, severances, credit contracts;
  • AGA decisions cancellations, cancellations of society acts;
  • consultancy and assistance of the company's voluntary liquidation;
  • consultancy in order to achieve the specific activities of the privatization process and representation in disputes resulting from these activities;
  • bankruptcy procedures and judicial reorganization;
  • activities related to Chambers of Commerce: Foundation of trading companies, Reorganization and Liquidation, Purchases / sales of assets / actions.

Labour Law & Social insurances

  • consultations relating to employment contracts, dismissal, dismissals, accidents at work;
  • legal representation in labour disputes;
  • assistance and consultancy in disciplinary proceedings on labour law (disciplinary sanctions, imputation decisions);
  • legal consultancy and assistance to foreign citizens in procedure of obtaining work permits;
  • litigations relating to not paying back the medical leaves by the Insurance House;
  • litigations relating to payment of social contributions;
  • litigations about the determination and the recalculation of pensions;
  • assistance relating to labour law and social insurances issues

Family law

  • divorce proceedings by agreement between the spouses or not, with or without minor children;
  • partition of common property;
  • exercise of parental rights;
  • establishing the domicile of the children or respectively, establishing the visit schedule;
  • the parents' contribution of children alimony ;
  • actions regarding the establishment, modification, interruption or non-payment of alimony;
  • late registration of birth;
  • establishing parentage;
  • establishing or denial of paternity of child from/outside the marriage;
  • placing under judicial interdiction, establishing guardianship / curatorship.

Criminal law and criminal procedure

  • counseling in order to prevent matters of criminal law;
  • economic crimes;
  • cybercrime;
  • juvenile deliquency;
  • legal consultancy, assistance and representation both in the criminal investigation, prosecution as well as during the trial phase regarding crimes provided by the Penal Code and special laws;
  • representation and assistance of the injured party, civil party and the civilly liable party;
  • drafting of criminal complaints, constituting civil party;
  • requests of judicial/legal rehabilitation;
  • promotion of complaints and appeals against judgments.

Contentious administrative

  • restitution claims by administrative way - town hall, prefecture, ANPR, AVAS or by judicial way
  • legality of acts issued by central and local authorities
  • assistance in case of disrespecting by public authorities the administrative legal requirements such as: refusal to issue licenses, permits, approvals, unsolving claims in the legal timescale, lack of response
  • writing bids for public procurement
  • appeals in the procedure of public procurement to the fore National Council for Solving Complaints

Fiscal, financial and banking law

  • local taxes
  • taxation of companies, natural persons or legal persons
  • income tax on nonresidents
  • value added tax

Transportation and telecommunications law

  • Matters of issuing licenses and authorizations in communications area
  • Protecting users rights on networks and electronic communication services
  • processing and protection of the personal data
  • Consumer rights compliance (abusive contractual clauses, abusive commercial practices).

International Private Law

  • recognition of foreign judgments in Romania;
  • consultancy regarding the status of foreign citizens in Romania;
  • consultancy and lawsuits between individuals and / or legal persons on matters related to legal relations with foreign elements;
  • carrying out formalities in order to obtain work permits.

Intellectual Property Law

  • assistance and representation in all proceedings in front of OSIM on Trade Marks, Patents for Inventions, geographical indications, copyright, domain names;
  • representation before the courts in lawsuits of intellectual property matters;
  • consultation regarding unfair competition issues as well as those regarding the assignment of intellectual property rights;
  • protection of trademarks.

Consumer law

  • protection of rights consumers of banking services, tourism, housing, transportation and products of any kind.