Lawyer Doinita Stingaciu

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Price - results report

We wish that the fees surprise a balance between your requests and our efforts.


Fees are set free between our office and you, both the amount and payment terms and schedules and are provided in the legal assistance contract at the time of making the contract before starting the assistance and / or legal representation.
Fees are set according to the Statuteof Law Profession nr.51/1995, by negotiating each case apart, depending on its nature and complexity.
The costs of the work performed by the lawyer (stamp duty, judicial stamp, expert fees, interpreter, executor or notary, shipping cost, lodging and meals, in the case of traveling outside the village and other similar expenses) will be borne by the customer, separated from the payment of the attorneys' fees. For these costs will be presented supporting documents.
The main way of determining the tariff will be represented by the success fee (percentage of amount of money obtained at the end of the process).
The customer can choose according to his needs and opportunities from a number of options for collaboration:

  • legal consultancy 200 lei / hour
  • fixed fee for each benefit lawyers (each case)
  • monthly subscription for legal consultancy

For legal consultancies regarding the formulation of legal proceedings, the means of appeals (appeals, recourses) or taking over already existing causes on the role of courts is charging a separate fee only if is not effectively provided legal assistance in court in that case. In this last case the consultation is included in the value of the signed legal contract for advocacy.