Lawyer Doinita Stingaciu

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Lawyer Doiniţa Stîngaciu

"Experience is the source of knowledge."


1982 -

A.D.A.S. and S.C. ASIROM S.A.

1997 -


2004 -

BCR Insurance S.A.

2005 -

Between 2005 - 2007 own Commercial Law consulting company

2007 -

Bar Lawyer in Iasi, with the right of resting the case to all courts, including the High Court of Cassation and Justice.


  • judicial and extrajudicial assistance and representation of natural persons and legal persons clientage in front of legal authorities and state institutions, courts of Romania.
  • over 1000 cases resolved in court
  • advising claim files, drawing up commercial contracts, negotiating with debtors and recovery of amounts owed to the company, negotiating with insurance companies and recovery of damages caused to victims and / or injured persons, paying particular attention to the mutual agreement procedure (being managed in this respect over 7000 cases), but also to the litigious procedure and forced execution.

Courses and participating in various training seminars

  • Accounting course 1994 - Chamber of Commerce and Industry Iasi;
  • Seminar of the insurance lawyers ADAR-1997 Sinaia, Bucharest 2000;
  • Joined Legal Advisors College Iaşi under no.427/2004;
  • Frequent participation in courses offered by commercial companies on topics about sales and law (4-5 per year);
  • Partcipation in legal seminars, the study of law issues from trade journals;
  • National and international conferences on insurance domain (Zagreb, Hytia).