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Ask with confidence informing services, counseling and legal interpretation of a lawyer specialized in Insurance Law if you have been injured or bodily injured following up a traffic event.

Info!Info! If you were involved directly or indirectly in a car accident (you have suffered material damages, have been injured or somebody loved has died). YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO MORAL AND MATERIAL COMPENSATION!

You must know that the guilty person's insurance gives to you too the right to compensation. According to Law no.136/1995 of insurance and reinsurance in Romania, the insurer gives compensation for the damages that the insured person is responsible under the law, up against third persons damaged by car accidents. Compensation is awarded for the amounts that the insured person is obligated to pay as compensation and costs to people injured by bodily injury or death, as well by damaging or destruction.
On a market suffocated by offers, we guide our work on the following considerations. By the purpose of a process we do not understand the multitude of the legal ways traveled, but the imperative of amiably resolving since an early state of an appeared issue.
Because litigations based on an insurance report do not require / involve only a fine legal background, law knowledge take a back seat, and the experience and nearly knowing the insurance field lead to an optimal solution that favors all parties concerned: victim, guilty, insurer.
By appealing to a lawyer, you increase your chances of being compensated by a judicial transaction because he will be with you in negotiations and make sure that your rights are fully exploited in the most appropriate manner.