Lawyer Doinita Stingaciu

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Diversified clientage

Although they say that only to the doctor and to the lawyer do not get, life sometimes brings us Facing this situations, which ignore origin, social status, familial, financial, positions, education or age.

Consequently, it can be said that the lawyer, as a direct and visible defender of his client, is one of the most important social institutions through which is realized the protection of the person.

"It is useless to divide people into good and bad, because under exceptional circumstances any man can become a delinquent."
Jean Pinatel

The role of a law firm is to translate into a legal and coherent language the customer's wishes that entrusts its defense.
By the services that we provide, we are here to answer your needs and to find together an optimal solution.
It is better to get to a lawyer at least as a preventive side when you structure your business or you want to learn more about the situations in which you are involved in order to avoid inconvenience in the future and to prevent the risk of being involved in endless and expensive processes.