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Useful addresses in Iasi

Carol I nr. 27, Iasi, 6600
Tel: 0232-21.45.20, 11.77.57/101, 21.27.55
Fax: 0232-21.45.30
Filiala Pascani: Str. Moldovei, bl. V1-3, mezanin
Tel./Fax: 0232-76.19.86

Iasi Court:
Nicolae Ganea, Nr. 20
Tel: 0232.147574

Hirlau Court:
Gheorghe Doja, Nr. 1
Tel: 0232.722502, 0232.722344

Pasani Court:
Gradinitei, Nr. 8
Tel: 0232.762697

Iasi High Court:
Str.Anastasie Panu 25, Iasi, 6600
Tel: +40 (232) 260600

Useful links in Romania

Info!These links help you to find the cause's applicable law, to understand the organization of the judicial system in Romania and to visualize the jurisprudence. For questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Accident Victim Supprt:
The National Housing Agency:
The National Agency for Employment:
The National Customs Authority:
The National Authority for Consumer Protection:
The Authority for Privatization and Management of State:
The Ombudsman:
The Bucharest Stock Exchange:
The Stock Claims:
The High Court of Cassation and Justice:
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania:
The Chamber of Deputies:
The The Romanian Foreign Trade Center:
The Romanian Committee for Adoptions:
The Court of Auditors:
The Constitutional Court:
The Traffic Police Department of IGP:
The Government of Romania:
ECHR decisions:
Legal Information:
The Romanian Institute of Bankruptcy:
The ECHR jurisprudence Romania:
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
The Ministry of European Integration:
The Ministry of Public Finance:
The Ministry of Justice:
The Ministry of Defence:
The Ministry of Interior
The Ministry of Development and Prognosis:
The Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity:
The Ministry of Industry and Resources:
The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry:
The Ministry of Waters and Environmental Protection:
The Ministry of Public Works, Transportations and Housing:
The Ministry of Tourism:
The Ministry for Small and Medium Enterprises:
The Ministry of Education and Research:
The Ministry of Health and Family:
The Ministry of Youth and Sports:
The Ministry of of Communications and Information Technology:
The Ministry of Public Administration:
The Ministry of Public Information:
The Official Gazette:
The State Office for Investment and Trade Marks:
The National Trade Register Office:
The portal courts in Romania:
The Romanian Post Office (postal codes):
The Romanian Presidency:
The Iasi City Hall:
The Romanian Senate:
The National Union of Executors:
The Union of Public Notaries :

Adrese utile din Europa

The European Central Bank:
The European Investment Bank:
The World Bank: -
The Council of Europe: -
The European Economic and Social Committee:
The European Commission:
The European Court of Auditors:
The European Court of Justice:
The European Court of Human Rights:
The European Commission of fight against Racism and Intolerance :
European Committee for Torture Prevention:
European legislation: -
The United Nations:
The European Presidency:
The European Parliament:
The European Union:
Victim Support Europe: